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How Fellowmind Denmark Revolutionized Revenue Forecasting with Aimplan

Updated: 25 minutes ago

Fellowmind Denmark is a subsidiary of IT services provider Fellowmind, was looking for a way to improve its revenue forecasting process. The company wanted to move away from sending out manual Excel sheets and switch to an easier, more automated method. 

The Challenges They Faced

Manually generating and distributing Excel sheets for forecasting was time-consuming and inconsistent. It was difficult to standardize and combine data across the organization. That's why Fellowmind Denmark desired an automated solution to get rid of labor tasks, improve accuracy, and provide flexibility.

The company also wanted to give its team managers more power by giving them more control over the data used for forecasts. With more than 400 working on different teams, it was important for managers to be clear on the revenue expectations from their teams' services.

Finding the Solution in Aimplan

Fellowmind Denmark selected Aimplan to address its forecasting challenges. 

Some of the key reasons for choosing Aimplan were:

  • It's easy to adopt thanks to its familiar Power BI interface

  • Cost-effectiveness and quick implementation compared to other options

  • Its ability to use current Power BI data again, integrating smoothly without duplicating data

With Aimplan, the business could now make quarterly income projections that would be used as a budget for the following year. Managers also could now see up-to-date forecasts, tasks, and other information. Aimplan's model also took into account things like delays that lasted a long time.

The Big Wins

Besides real-time forecasts, Aimplan's application brought some major wins for Fellowmind Denmark:

  • Better Access to Data: Managers gained the self-service ability to update forecasts and metrics directly in Aimplan. This equipped them with easy, on-demand insights into team performance.

  • Team Harmony: Forecasting became a collaborative process with Aimplan. Managers could view forecasts from other teams to identify synergies and handoffs. This fostered stronger coordination across departments.

  • Time on Their Side: By automating routine manual tasks, Aimplan freed up more valuable time for managers. They redirected this time to more strategic work like business development.

  • Decisions, Decisions: Reliable, current metrics in Aimplan supported fact-based conversations around how to hire the best staff, assign projects, and set goals. Management decisions became aligned with the latest performance indicators.

As Martin Sams, CFO of Fellowmind Denmark said "Implementing Aimplan has been a tremendous time-saver. We now have data available, and we can connect to it from virtually anywhere, further enhancing our agility and efficiency in forecasting. It has definitely been a game changer for Fellowmind Denmark, and we look forward to continuing to integrate it into our operations." 

With Aimplan as their single source of truth, Fellowmind Denmark was able to run their business more efficiently, have more transparency, and use a unified system to scale planning as the business continues to grow. 

What's Next?

Fellowmind Denmark's success with Aimplan's revenue forecasting has opened up exciting new possibilities. The company is now taking a big step forward by using Aimplan to forecast its entire profit and loss (P&L) statement.

This means Fellowmind Denmark will be moving all their P&L data into their data warehouse. With this comprehensive financial data in one place, Aimplan will be able to offer even deeper insights and analysis.

And by taking advantage of Aimplan's full analytics power across its whole P&L, Fellowmind Denmark can drive even greater operational excellence and position itself for long-term success. Download the case study here:

Aimplan Fellowmind Denmark Case Study
Download PDF • 1.06MB



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