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Sales Forecasting and Demand Planning with
Power BI

Power BI

Beat your revenue targets! And do it consistently!

Understanding the future demand for your products and services is important to running your business. But even more important is to uncover potential for growth and increased sales.


With Power BI connected to your CRM and ERP system, you can analyze and report on past sales and activities. By adding Aimplan to the equation you transform Power BI into a forward-looking revenue planning and forecasting tool. Set targets and gather forecasting data regularly using Aimplan within Power BI.

Power BI Sales Planning

Efficient sales and revenue planning

Sales and Revenue Planning

The yearly and quarterly sales and revenue planning processes are important to establish a consensus regarding revenue targets. These numbers are also used in the overall financial planning processes. Sales volumes, pricing and discounts, campaigns etc integrate into the overall financial plan. Territory management, sales capacity planning, sales incentives and quota planning are also important components of your sales planning.

With Aimplan and Power BI you can build integrated models for sales and revenue planning. You can play and simulate different scenarios. And make proactive decisions to increase your sales and optimize your sales resources.


Continous rolling sales forecasting

You might already have your win-loss and sales activity data integrated into Power BI. From Salesforce, D365 CRM, Hubspot, Pipedrive or any other CRM system. Your actual order data regarding volumes and revenues you probably also have integrated from your ERP system into Power BI.

But with Aimplan in Power BI, you can combine this actual data with best-guess numbers direct from sales reps and sales leaders forecasting sales. Your model can also take into account win-loss rates, average selling prices, sales duration and other factors. Continuously calculate the likelihood of hitting your sales targets.


Your ongoing sales forecasting also becomes an important piece of data for your company's overall integrated planning processes.

Power BI Forecasting

Smart product demand forecasting

Smart product demand forecasting

Forecasting detailed product demand on a weekly or other short-term time horizon is not easy. With Power BI and Aimplan, you can combine historical data from internal and external data sources with manual forecast data, assumptions and rules.

Use Power BI to find seasonality and trend demand patterns. Add business decision information such as promotions and price changes using Aimplan. And leverage higher-level sales forecasts and data to predict product demand.

Features highlights

Highly configurable Power BI data entry grid
Highly configurable Power BI data entry grid

The key to a great user experience is the Aimplan Power BI custom visuals making it possible to truly configure data entry templates. The entry forms are feature-rich with live calculation formulas, supporting copy-and-paste, export to excel, print and much more.

Reuse your Power BI datasets
Reuse your Power BI datasets

You can reuse the structures and data in your existing Power BI datasets. Why build new integration to source systems if you already have the data in Power BI? Reuse your dimensions and fact tables. Perform any transformation needed for your planning models within Power BI.

Scenario modeling
Scenario modeling

Fast configure new forecasting scenarios based on actuals in combination with previously created planning scenarios. The solution support 'time-transform', i.e. when creating the plan for future periods, the system can copy previous scenario but move data forward in time. 

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