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Cost center and workforce planning with Power BI

Employees and their talent are your most valuable asset! Having the right person in the right position is key to your success. At the same time, for many organizations, the personnel costs represent a large portion of the total costs.


Combining workforce planning with cost center operating expense planning gives you a full view of your resource and cost allocation across your organization. With Aimplan you can now do it directly within Power BI!

Power BI
Power BI Cost Planning

Dynamic workforce planning

Power BI Workforce Planning

What personnel resources do we need to reach our goals? An important part of the overall performance planning process is to assign and create an alignment, on what resource each cost center or department will need to have.

Manage headcount and FTEs, salaries and other compensation models, new hires, employee transfers and layoffs direct within Power BI models! Play with different scenarios. Integrate with your HR and ERP systems to always work with the latest data.


Efficient cost center planning, budgeting and forecasting

Aimplan makes it possible to delegate cost center expense budgeting and forecasting to responsible managers using Power BI.

You can assist the users by enabling driver-based planning where non-financial drivers are used to automatically calculate the financial impact of different decisions.


It's up to you to decide on what granularity level the planning and data entry should be performed. But any available Power BI actual data are always integrated and aggregated in your planning models.

cost center planning
Internal cost allocation and charge-back models

Internal cost allocation and charge-back models

Do you need to allocate costs from central supporting departments to operational cost centers? Rent, shared services, IT costs?  With Aimplan you can maintain the business rules and allocation keys for such allocations. You also in Power BI direct visualize the result of these allocations both on planning data but also on actuals.

Due to the Power BI analytical capabilities, it becomes visible both for the internal 'buyer' and the internal 'seller' what services are provided and the related costs. This transparency will change the behavior of the organization to become more efficient when using internal resources.


Features highlights

Highly configurable Power BI data entry grid
Highly configurable Power BI data entry grid

The key to a great user experience is the Aimplan Power BI custom visuals making it possible to truly configure data entry templates. The entry forms are feature-rich with live calculation formulas, supporting copy-and-paste, export to excel, print and much more.

Reuse your Power BI datasets
Reuse your Power BI datasets

You can reuse the structures and data in your existing Power BI datasets. Why build new integration to source systems if you already have the data in Power BI? Reuse your dimensions and fact tables. Perform any transformation needed for your planning models within Power BI.

Scenario modeling
Scenario modeling

Fast configure new forecasting scenarios based on actuals in combination with previously created planning scenarios. The solution support 'time-transform', i.e. when creating the plan for future periods, the system can copy previous scenario but move data forward in time. 

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